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Technology Training

Page history last edited by Florence McGee 10 years, 8 months ago




Here is a search box for the new britanica --- Elementary level...


this is a test to see if this will work








Having problems connecting to the internet??? PLEASE make sure that your computer is seeing the wireless router. There is an antenea button on the Latitude D531 machines..  and you should see a little green WiFi light on the hinge of your laptop screen...  OR... try this.....wireless2.pdf






To save your files to the server...







 NEW computers directions....   Just keep scrolling down .. and you will find the directions on how to hook up your laptop to a network printer..  Flo









 Want some fun for PowerPoint????Link to a new Powerpoint page....







Here is a tip for inserting objects into a word document... I have always had difficulty with this .. one reason I am still a big AppleWorks & Inspiration fan.. I love how I can use the DRAW mode for most of my work..

       but here it is in Word..    wrd+drawingobj..doc







TECH Tuesdays for 2008-2009  -- Are going to be a bit different.. learn more later..




 Here are the directions for inserting an image on the wiki... 



Follow these simple steps:

1.Type a little bit about the picture

2. Then click on the insert image button on the editing tool bar above.

3. Another browse window will open.. Find the digital picture on your computer. I suggest doing a resizing and export them to your desktop..  The one I did below here --- 320 px..

4. Click upload

5. Click OK...  And there they are!












* Tech Tuesday ----  Oct. 9th 2-4pm..   Destination Make it Work!!


    From school:   http://riverdeep2.pinellas.k12.fl.us

     From home: http://rdhome2.pinellas.k12.fl.us





   Destination Success --- handouts from  Suzy Dross available right here.


Assigning from Shared Lesson Plans.pdf


Resources - LMS4.pdf





 Tech Tuesday 9/18/2007 .... Setting up the printers..

Hooking up a DELL to a network printer           ©mcgeef,2006 Using the print server:





1. Go to START      then   RUN



     Type in:   \\a2961s002  

          {You are hooking up via the network to the server where the needed drivers are located; similar to the MAC chooser}



·    Hit OK



Find the printer for your POD



·    RT click and hit OPEN  (  a little flashlight will search )



·    Close the windows.  



2. Now go back to your START   then to .... Adding printer



Find your new printer ….. RT click and SET as Default.  

       {It should put a little black

√ next to it.}



3. Your done.

   {Now when you print a document ... Just make sure that it is going to the right printer.. You can have more than one printer installed on your computer.. }





......during January and February ---


The trainings offered during these 2 months will deal with using our new smart board and creating student photo stories .. for book trailers, reviews, research or even creative writing.


Jan.10th ---  FMPro PotLuck -- come do the data base ditty and Wiki wiggle... join our Media PLC for the dinner training.  4-8pm

   Want to get the handouts... Check out Flo's wiki page for Filemaker Pro...         









Pre-Preschool Tech Trainings --


1st. -- Thursday August 9,2007


Class web pages; three different ways


  1.  Novus --  Oldsmar Elem school web page connection


  • I need to connect all the Dell Tipper class pages to the school website ----- 8/2007 done!


    Static class web page.... don't want to have too much interaction or work on it... create one and update it biweekly. Younger grade levels. You class web page is connected to the school web site.



   2.  Think.com   

         {Use the ppt. from Oracle presentation, SAND project Inspiration handout, think.com tutorials}

Interactive class web page.... Kids have their own page; you have interaction & can create project based assignments, kids can post work on it... create accounts and update it often. Kids have own email within think.com, very global interaction.  I am willing to work with you and your class in getting this set up and running.


.....https___www.think.com - Think.com - Training - Print All.pdf


   3. Wiki


          {use wikiclassroom ppt, handout and quicktime movies,

Interactive class web page.... Kids can have colloboration and interaction within the wiki; you have interaction & can create project based assignments, kids can post work on it...very easy to create wiki page and update it often from anywhere you have internet access. 

*************************  wiki classroom.ppt






     *8:30-9:00am --- welcome, pre-test, coffee---colloborate on plan for the day.


    9:00-10:00am ---brief  introduction of the 3 ways..

10:00 Split into Work teams.....have 3 facilitators available to monitor 3 groups.

Teachers decide what way they want to use to create their class page ..... then spend the rest of the day creating it and getting ready for the new school year.




Monday, August 13,2007   8:30am-3:30pm


Three Main Topics for the day:



  • PC Windows Basics - Laptop orientation. - {use 2 pg. custon guide handout}                           (9-10:30)


    • Parts of typical window / Start menu / Task bar
    • File Management
    • Setting up network printer / Internet connections / Proxy
    • Maintenance and Fixing Problems
  •                                                           windows_xp_qr_k12.pdf
  • SAM - Scholastic Enterprise  SRI / RC {use my server handout,} (10:30-11:30)    


                        LUNCH  11:30-12:45 ---




  • Outlook Client Basics {use my ppt., webmail direction sheet, and Pauline's client booklet}                         (1-3:00)


    • PCSmail / Outlook Client Program / Webmail
    • Understanding the Outlook window / Toolbars
    • Choosing a theme / Creating a signature
    • Messages / Sending / Receiving
    • Contacts / Distribution Lists  (pgs. 13-16) / Public Folders
    • Calendar / Appointments


                                                                 Using Outlook Client.doc


                                                        Outlook Web Access-Training Handout for Windows.doc

                                                 For MAC users.....------>       entourage set up.pdf



   Close / Eval / Paperwork  3:00-3:30 ---



Welcome to the technology training wiki. In this spot / page of our Oldsmar ES wiki  I have outlined my plans, online resources, handouts, and general information. We can also use this spot for questions and answers or tips anyone might want to share..    Flo




Outside Resources:

........as a preliminary planning tool.. I like to use an outline or a Inspiration.. I have modeled this in both of these days of training..... Attached here is a short ppt.. with how this is done.. and links to my personal PowerPoint wiki pages... Flo


                     PowerPoint Recipe Cards 

                                                                                     outline to ppt.ppt



















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