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Student Owls

Page history last edited by Florence McGee 9 years, 4 months ago

Here's some Holiday fun... I love the reindeer chorus... and lighting up the Christmas tree takes some thinking!!! I am enjoying Alaska.. but do miss all the OES Owls!!!

     --- Ms. McGee, Dec. 2011






Don't you just love learning new words... Last month we shared the free rice site... to help feed the world...  Here is another site you will enjoy and it is very helpful for your writing!


Wordnik!    http://www.wordnik.com/









DigiStars .. are ready for spring.. Check out some of their movie videos.


This Music video is the wonderful creation of 2nd and 5th grade DigiStars... the 5th grade took all the digital photos, the 2nd grade did the music selection and video production.. We just love Animoto!



     Here is one done by 3rd and 2nd grade...


Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.



And here is another:




Randomly Walking 

Created by 4th grade DigiStars...


Gotta Keep Reading!!!

from Occee Middle School




Just recently came across a student who was working on

I am Poetry.. 




All Grades .. I have created a database where you can upload your poetry. Any poems submitted will be sent for the National Project.  You can access the Filemakerpro server from any computer within the school.


You can also post your poetry to the school moodle. Use Destiny to get to the moodle from home. http:destiny.pinellas.k12.fl.us  

and then find our school.






    Third Grade …. I know you are working on poetry right now.

      I have already started this project with my Digi Star groups – 1st – 5th.  But would love to send in at least one poem from every single Oldsmar Student Owl.   My dead line is FEB. 26th, 2010.  There is no limit on the number of submissions from each school.

·       All poetry is encouraged but this year HAIKU is the featured poetry form this year.  All poems must be no more than 80 words in length.

·       Overall quality of the poem is based on:

o  Creativity

o  Age-appropriate language

o  Sensory /figurative images

o  Structure

o  Poetic techniques









Lemons for Literacy ... 

Reading Horizons - Lemons for Literacy

If the banner doesn't work


check out the web site...


   increase your vocabulary while helping out!!!








Welcome to YOUR page... Here is where we can talk about books.. and share ideas.


TRY These:



Are you looking for some information about your grade level continent or country? Try searchcube.





  Or perhaps some pictures .. Why not try a galaxy search.. Check it out - it is amazing!




The Sound of Music as you have never seen it before..


It is amazing what a little joy can do for a large group!


This takes place in London's very buzy station....





Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: c5b28b1f7276471196ae5f4855531d65



April, 2010..


Playing for change .... some really neat video and music compliations from around the world








 click on this banner to check it out...







Presidents.... Check out this..All 44 of them!






Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: 069da16cfb4c40609abc72a1189dd900



How about creating your own avatar.. I have 2 ways that you can do it.. 

1. Using the software program Kidspiration3

  Or using a freeware program called "Cartoonist"






Can you tell who this is?? ... now this is an image you could put on your thinkquest web pages..

Be sure to visit the Media center to


learn how to do this!!





TV STUDIO ......




January  ---- 

Do You Know what Creative Commons is and how it can help you with Copy write issues??  View the short video about Creative Commons & then visit the site to learn more! An especially interesting one is "Shared Culture"




Shared Culture:    http://a11.video.blip.tv/1840005122545/Commonscreative-ASharedCulture247.mov




The Inauguration is January 20th 

Come watch and learn in the Media Center ---




NOVEMBER ideas....





FANCY Nancy is coming too!



October ideas..........

Mrs. Loughlin's class created a book review for Book-OWL-ogy.

 they reviewed the book Room on the Broom  


The rest of the third grade classes will be creating more Halloween book reviews the week of October 26th... stay tuned!


Here are some other ideas... If you have a thinkquest account .. be sure to finish the Candy Corn contest!!










  * Just decided to put a counter on this page... 2/6/2010 

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