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Page history last edited by Florence McGee 10 years, 7 months ago

Reading Counts.. SRI.... 2010--2011


About the SRI/ RC ... I sent out a message last week .. that I had finished uploading the students..   

**  SRI/ RC /SAM ... I have imported all the students.. I have created all the classes for 2010... I have reset all the dates for the school year..  ___ But if you want to let the students on for SRI and RC ..it should be working... here's keeping our fingers crossed!  And here is the link to our school wiki page that gives you directions on how to set up your classes..
**** Here's a bit more info.... They have updated the program.. Most of the students should be able to sign on using first and last name; and then the password is password.


If it is a new student that I entered this year ... the the password needs to be incrypted... and I have changed it to a new student school wide           PW:  Pass_word11     (it is case sensitive...)


Most of the teachers you can sign on to SAM  with your last name+first initial and you initials for the password same as last year.....   except Rebecca, Susan and Kris..  they should try  the one I set for the students..      Pass_word11




Again...I am asking that you do not form any new CLASSES... you can add all kinds of  Groups.. and you can have additional teachers attached to your class...   If you want a class added ---PLEASE email me.  




This Year......

Please do not add any additional



You can add groups but please talk to me about adding classes.  It throws off the county reports and back-up.  Here are the directions moved up top for you.. On how to add your students.






Some may be interested.. I have printed out our complete list of Quizzes and have the in a large notebook on the Check out counter… The are divided by lexile number and then alphabetical order . I plan to put a pdf file of the entire title list on the school web site for parents.  The county is looking at buying each school the entire scholastic collection.  I will let you know if that comes to be!  

Just below here is  pdf file of how to print out your own list. I hope you find that helpful.  Flo








From: Campbell Melissa

Subject: Printing a Quiz List by Author











Some of you asked for a way to print a list of quizzes sorted by author name. Paulette Wireman has written instructions for doing just that and I am attaching the instructions to this email. I have also saved them out to the ScholasticEE file share. Next time you see Paulette, please thank her for sharing this information!






Thanks, Paulette!!!!






Melissa Campbell   


District SAM Administrator


Instructional Staff Devleoper


Secondary Reading - Region III


Administration Building


Office: (727) 588-6000 Ext. 2093


Cell: (727) 417-4475









"It takes the most brilliant minds of today to educate the most brilliant minds of tomorrow."




























.............The group decided that all scores would be kept.. year to year.. We will not do TV rewards for 25,50,75 points..Teachers can send down to the media center a list of the students and I will put the ribbons in the teachers mailboxes. 

    • -- It is best if the classroom teachers set their own reinforcements and rewards. Some classes set up a certain number of points for each grading period? Some suggestions...for each 25 points.. the students could drop a low score... or one homework  free coupon....extra Media/Computer  time, etc



    The Media center will reward students with 100 -- 250 -- 500 points .. in the following manner: The teacher can notify the media center as soon as the students reaches their goal.. they are pretty good about knowing how many point they have.

    • 100 points --- ribbon, certificate and free book
    • 250 points --- ribbon, certificate, free book, food/ game coupon
    • 500 points --- ribbon, certificate, free book, food/game coupon, lunch out with
    • Administration, teacher, or Ms. McGee





Scholastic Enterprise --SAM ---  SRI / RC     

  • SAM sign-on / Finding server
    • Below you will find 2 direction sheets for setting SAM and configuring the server on your machine.  The SAM should really only be installed on your Teacher machine. Remember that we are ALL using the one system, and it is being done only on the Dell Laptops.
    •  *The teachers who did not get a laptop last year will get one with this years refresh order --- they are suppose to be here September 19th....







SRI / RC reports ---- (Vicky)



Adding Students........








    •   the student sign: First & Last name
    •  the password:      password






Configure SAM.pdf




For the teachers to use the Scholastic… SAM – on the new system … Please follow the directions below..

User : (lastname+1stinitial)   mcgeef

PW:  (intials)       fm


If you don’t see the server name : 2961Oldsmar ES ………….. then you need to add the server


IP/Server name:                Port:  55880

Hit the TEST  button.. then SAVE… and CLOSE

I attached 2 pictures that should help …. If you are still having trouble send your laptop down to me..


"Writer's don't write writing,

they write reading." Avi

Flo McGee, Information Literacy Specialist





Visitors since 9/2007




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